Email Marketing Mastery - Overnight Hacks Edition (2023)

Are you ready to learn how to finally MASTER the art of email marketing?

Before I begin, let me ask you a quick question...

Have you attempted to learn how the "big guns" are able to put millions of dollars into their pockets each year just from sending out a few emails every day?

OK, maybe not a few but a few thousand or even a few ten thousands..

And what if I told you that I have finally "cracked" the code on how to get it done?

You probably wouldn't believe me right?

You know I don't blame you one bit.

If it wasn't for me spending the last 9 months working on the solution and spending close to $15,000 of my hard earned money, I wouldn't believe it myself.

Let's step back a few months to July of 2022

I was just released from prison on March 30, 2022,  after spending 15 glorious months mowing lawns for $0.21/hour.

Working full time Monday through Friday for the Bureau of Prisons down in Ft Dix, NJ.  Earning $90 a month, yes MONTH, was somewhat humiliating but it gave me some spending money for the commissary.

It's not like I am a career criminal.

I messed up real bad with not filing my income taxes and the not-so-friendly United States Department of Justice in Providence, Rhode Island decided they wanted to use me as an example of what happens.

Enough of that.

Let's talk about email marketing.

Pretty straight forward subject, yes?

It is if you do it right.

I had to go through about four or five auto-responder products to finally figure out the best (and only ) way to get it done and done right.

And not to mention 4 webhosting companies until I found the PERFECT one.  I'll share that with you as well.

You see, on the surface and what everyone is leading you to believe, is that all it takes it to get a few subscribers, find an affiliate product, send a few emails, and reap the benefits.

Don't I wish it was that easy.

Sorry to bring the not-so-good news, but it isn't exactly like that.

What I have done nobody will share with you.

I have put together a pretty detailed book on how to get it done.

Step-by-step instructions if you will.

It isn't going to happen overnight, but it might if your savy enough and have the right kind of motivation.

I'm almost doing the opposite of what everybody is teaching and I will tell you all about it in the book.

Want a brief outline?

Scroll Down

But first...

This is going to take a bit of work on your part.

It won't happen overnight.

In fact it might just take a good 30-45 days before you start reaping the benefits.

What are the benefits?

For starters it is learning how to build your list.

Sounds easy right?

Trust me,  it is anything but easy and is actually quite difficult if you don't know the right way to do it.

Let's assume that you want to get started.

Here is what you will need to do:

1.  At the bottom of the page I am going to ask you to plunk down $5 for the book, instruction manual, whatever you want to call it.  It is well written trust me, and once you do read it you just might wonder why I am selling it for such a measly small amount of money.

2.  Once you have the book in your hands, you will want to follow the 5 simple steps that I have outlined in the book.  It doesn't matter if you have never attempted this before OR if you have and just can't get anywhere with what you are doing.  Not to worry.  I have both sides covered.

3. Please, and I mean this, don't think that this is a get-rich-scheme, because it sure isn't.  It is a "business plan" of sorts.  All carefully laid out for you from start to finish.

Within, I would say, 90 days, you should easily see yourself with a nice chunk of cash from all of your efforts.

Now, I have to make a disclaimer.  Since I cannot control how and when you do what I am about to show you, I have no way to guarantee any results from it.  I can tell you it worked for me and there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn't work for you.

Want to know how to send out emails and almost 99.5% guarantee they will NOT go into the SPAM folder?

A good friend of mine just happened to share his secret with me.  He didn't ask me NOT to share it with others, so that is why I had the urge to prepare and publish this book of mine.

In fact, there are two, really great, people that gave me the inspiration to do what I am doing.

I'll tell you who they are in the book.

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Sorry about all of the scrolling, but there is a method to my madness.  Once you discover why I am doing this, I can almost GUARANTEE that you will do it as well.

Now there are some "tools" that you will need to do all this.

It isn't going to cost an arm and a leg, so relax.

In my startup months last year, and with my fair knowledge of building web pages, I knew deep down that I wasn't going to be happy with some of the "free" website builders that were out there, so I personally use Optimize Press and that is what has prepared what you are reading.

You might be able to get by with others, like Elementor or even just plain WordPress and you probably could.  I just prefer OP because I learned my way around it and can whip up a funnel page for a solo ad or a post for a blog in now time.

I am not a blogger, although I do have several blogs.  I had to use them as therapy for myself when I was knocking my head against the wall trying to figure this all out.

In fact, you don't even need a website to start, although it would give you more credibility.

You can focus on organic traffic, from Social Media postings.  Others are doing it and killing it at the moment.

And I just found a way to get 1,000's of fresh email leads daily.

You can learn how I do it by clicking the link below

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